Goodbeads - The knavish orchestration of a WorkAtHome scheme

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The knavish orchestration of an underhanded performance / 3o days and $77.oo later i am left with neither a product nor a nickel.

The Wonderful Works of Goodbeads

So you wish to engage in a work at home program to merit a paycheck?

How much success is there to be found, and potential to be earned in that success in assembling an eleven hundred beaded bookmark comprised of beads 1/3 the size of a bb pellet?

So what if you read it stated in there brochure prior to placing an order it takes an average of 45 minutes to assemble each bookmark, is that any reason to feel mislead?

Does a consumer have any reason to feel maneuvered when he comes to find out his merchant withheld half the order he paid in full for and goes on wondering as long as one could wonder of what had happened?

Is it securing to know that the merchant one does business with never answers the phone when called?

But what can be crooked about a merchant who several weeks after receiving the prompt return of a product unused and complete still refrains from issuing a refund?

Can there be any wonder that such a company has 13 complaints held against them in the last 12 months recorded by the BBB?

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I almost spent my last $60 on this. Thank you.

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